Quality Area 1:

Educational Program and Practice

Educational programs and practices are developed and implemented in accordance with Early Year Learning Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and McKean Kidz policies and procedures.

At McKean Kidz we believe that the educational programs and practices should be developed in collaboration with educators, children, families and the community, ensuring each child feels a sense of belonging. As educators we do this by;

providing a regular routine within the program to maximize the opportunity for children’s learning.

  • having a weekly program for activities that are developed from reflections and learning stories.
  • documenting children’s progress through photographs and observations and use these as the foundation of the program.
  • Developing educational programs to expand on individual children’s current knowledge, ideas, cultures, abilities, interests, concerns and aspirations.
  • Supporting each child by providing opportunities for child initiated play and intentional teaching activities, encouraging independence, growth, learning and development.

The programs and individual portfolios are made available to families. Families are encouraged to have an input into the daily program and have the opportunity to volunteer or be invited to participate in activities during special events.

Quality Area 2:
Children’s Health and Safety

Children’s health and safety is supported through meeting the children’s needs, encouraging healthy eating and promoting physical activities.

As educators we have the responsibility to adequately supervise children, ensure yard checks are completed and ratio is correct at all times.

At McKean Kidz we monitor the children’s health and wellbeing by;

  • setting up and environment that is clear of hazards and continually monitoring it.
  • advocating hats, sunscreen and hydration by encouraging the children to drink water throughout the day.
  • providing healthy nutritious meals and ensuring that each individual child’s dietary requirements are met.
  • taking steps to control the spread of infections by following Centre policy and procedures and encouraging children to participate in practices such as hand washing and correct toileting.

When documenting children’s injuries, incidents and emergencies educators follow the Centre’s policies and procedures.

Quality Area 3:
Physical Environment

The physical environment is created to provide children with a safe, challenging welcoming and engaging learning space. We believe at McKean Kidz we do this by;

  • completing regular checklists ensuring we provide an environment and equipment that is clean, safe and maintained.
  • having outdoor and indoor spaces designed and organised to engage every child in quality experiences in both built and natural environments, allowing them to explore, experiment and enjoy learning as they grow.
  • using resources, materials and equipment in ways that are appropriate and most suited to the program and age of the children
  • teaching the children how to respect the indoor and outdoor environments.
  • ensuring proper supervision is being enforced within the indoor and outdoor environments to minimise risk and conflict between children.
  • helping children become aware of environmental sustainability and care by encouraging ownership and responsibility.

Quality Area 4:

Staffing Arrangements

Staff follow the Centre policies and procedures as well as using the National Quality Framework to guide practice, interactions and relationships.

At McKean Kidz we believe it is important to have qualified staff within the rooms providing quality educational programs. As well has having a qualified cook who has a passion in preparing and serving nutritionally balanced meals.

We ensure the educator-to-child ratios are maintained at all times to enhance children’s learning and development and ensure safety and wellbeing.

We encourage and promote a professional working environment by supporting each other, sharing ideas, having open and respectful communication and working collaboratively in delivering high quality education and care.

Quality Area 5:
Relationships with Children

Respectful relationships with children create positive relationships.

At McKean Kidz we take the time to get to know the children and build warm, responsive and trusting relationships with them.

Educators build relationships with children by;

  • Communicating positively with them, getting down to their level, using age appropriate language.
  • Supporting children to feel safe, secure, confident and included through age appropriate and engaging activities,
  • Maintaining dignity and rights for each child at all times
  • Interacting with each child to build trust and rapport and using the knowledge gained to plan learning opportunities
  • Communicating with families and encouraging participation within the program

Supporting children to explore, create and imagine in a positive learning environment provides opportunity for the development of interdependence and effective communication with peers.

Quality Area 6:
Collaborative Partnerships with families and communities

At McKean Kidz we believe that positive relationships with parents and communities provide children with a sense of belonging and allows for families and parents to feel connected.

Educators at McKean Kidz create respectful relationships with families, through;

  • communicating regularly about their children and events via newsletters, emails, daily reflection book and face to face.
  • providing parents with as much information about theirs child’s day as possible
  • celebrating, acknowledging and respecting cultural values and beliefs, as well as supporting dietary requirements.
  • encouraging parents to provide feedback on policies, procedures, practices, programs, menus as well as day to day events.
  • inviting families to participate in all events at the centre and supporting families in their roles at these events.
  • supporting new families by way of orientation and meeting educators.

McKean Kidz promotes collaborative partnerships with communities by;

  • providing extra-curricular activities that are run by local businesses,
  • supporting local businesses through advertising, purchasing, excursions and incursions
  • working with local schools to provide an enriched transition program for the preschool children

Building collaborative partnerships with families and the community assists in maintaining high quality education and care.

Quality Area 7: Leadership and Service Management

At McKean Kidz equality is shown for all staff regardless of their experience, background, culture or differences. We have strong and capable leaders that support and guide staff members by:

providing opportunities and encouraging staff to participate in professional development and mentoring programs

  • ensuring staff know their responsibilities in relation to their work role, providing them with an induction process –  a general tour of the centre, outline job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, some necessary policies and procedures, implementation of program as well as showing them where all documentation is kept
  • reviewing staff appraisals regularly
  • encouraging staff feedback and input

McKean Kidz has clear policies and procedures in place that are easy to follow and easily accessible by staff and families at all times. Staff and families are encouraged to give regular feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

A positive work environment is lead by a positive management team. Our management team is available to staff, families and children at all times.