A_colour_rgbChild care involves not only ‘caring’ for your child but also supporting their learning and facilitating the development of knowledge and skills. Throughout their time at our Centre, your child is provided with developmentally appropriate learning experiences to support their growth and development. From babies to preschoolers, the children’s needs are met through staff providing appropriate learning experiences based on individual and group needs and interests.

McKean Kidz believes that to enhance children’s development and learning, staff need to respond to the children’s interests and needs. We provide a range of opportunities on a daily basis for children to experiment, discover, solve problems and to find out about themselves, other people and the world around them.

Staff ensure the learning program in each room:

  • reflects the needs of all children as individuals and groups;
  • fosters the development of the whole child;
  • is open and diverse;
  • provides choices;
  • supports the development of trusting relationships;
  • encourages respect and empathy for others;
  • respects cultural, religious and social diversity; and
  • ultimately leads to growth and learning.

Learning programs provide opportunities for:

  • indoor and outdoor free play activities
  • one-to-one interactions
  • small group times for stories, drama, art and other activities
  • large group times for music, games, meals and other activities
  • spontaneous learning experiences
  • transition times between activities
  • brainstorming, projects and extended investigations.

Kinderloop_logoYour child’s interactions, development and relationships are recorded daily and uploaded on Kinderloop. Kinderloop is our own private loop that links our families and educators together.

Family members have access to specific posts, notices, events, reminders, video or group stories. Kinderloop is free for families to access and remains free even after their child leaves the service.

screen-web-ipadYour private Kinderloop can be accessed on any device, wherever you may be. We are now more connected than ever and can smile knowing that our family is fully engaged in our children’s learning, play and interactions.

Learning programs are developed in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)  and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

A kindergarten program is also offered for children enrolled in our Preschool room (3.5 – 5 years). Catered for by a registered teacher, all children enrolled in Preschool have access to this program daily.

Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) Program   ELLA 2

ELLA is a digital play-based language learning program for children in preschool. It inspires children by driving a genuine interest in a new language and culture. ELLA is implemented through specifically designed fun applications (apps), where children have the ability to navigate and explore.

Key Objectives of ELLA are to:

  • introduce children to words, sentences and songs in a language other than English
  • give children opportunities to recognise sounds and concepts of language
  • provide children with appropriate experience and practice in the language
  • provide engaging and educational play-based language learning experiences.

EllaIn 2017 we have chosen to learn Italian, you can download the ELLA Family App (Italian) to support your child in the participation of the program.